Monday, July 25, 2011

Free Baby Toys

I recently came across a site that shows their members how to receive Free Baby Toys without spending a single dime. In only 3 easy steps, you will know how to receive Free Baby Toys such as: Nuks,
Pacifier's, Baby Toys as well as any other item that deals with the need of a Baby.


* Simply sign up HERE and confirm your email*
* Confirming your email will ensure you're a valid member and the item will be mail to a valid address*
* You will need to submit your real name and address, how else will you receive the item if you don't*
* By signing up now you will receive a bonus of 250 points which can be spent right away on*
* The bonus is only for members in United Kingdom or United States, all else will not receive it*

The picture below is a item that you will receive free once you sign up and order!


 When Step1 is complete you will be a valid member ready to explore the site. Simply located the Earn Points then Free Offers. This section will provide of list of free and easy offers and surveys to complete for easy points or cash, both of which can be spent on Free Baby Toys or anything else you desire. If you complete a offer or survey that approves, the funds will be added into your account instantly giving you the opportunity to order for free!


Order your first item without costing you anything but your time! Be patient because anything you order will take a few days to arrive via postal service, Fed Ex or UPS. Repeat the process in Step2 as often as you like to receive Free Baby Toys!

Below are a list of my items I received!

 Cost: $9.15 or 915 points~ my cost $0

 Cost: $6.99 or 699 points~ my cost $0

Cost: $4.29 or 429 points~ my cost $0